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Wombat Sewing (Makers) Bee Challenge


The Wombat Sewing or Yarn Bee challenge is a major fundraiser to raise money for The Wombat Foundation – the only organisation dedicated solely to conservation of the Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat.

Makers and artists have been invited to knit, sew or crochet a wombat – send it to us and we will sell or auction it as part of the festival.

Please include a note with your name in the package – and we would love you to name your wombat as well.  Each wombat will be tagged by our team, with the name of the maker and wombat attached.

We also encourage the creation of sustainable wombats using recycled materials.

Donations of fabrics, yarn or notions are also welcome.  Just send us an email.

Please share a photo of your wombat on our Wombat Festival Facebook page.

All proceeds donated to The Wombat Foundation to help save the critically endangered Warru - Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat

Completed wombats can be posted to:

PO Box 570, CLERMONT, QUEENSLAND 4721 - or contact us if you need bulk pick up in the Isaac, Emerald, Yeppoon, Mackay regions.

Please remember to name your wombat - and include your name on a note so we can tag them appropriately.

Monty Sewing Pattern (pdf)

Aussie Wombat Knitted Pattern

Wodger Sewing Pattern (pdf)

Monty is a free pattern designed for all ability levels.  This pattern is free to download and use in your sewing bee groups.  It has been designed by Vicky Ledwy of Clermont exclusively for the Clermont Wombat Festival. 


Wally the Wombat pattern

We love Wally the Wombat and this is a pattern that would especially be suitable for school groups to create. 


A knitting pattern can be downloaded from The Wombat Foundation via the link on the photo above.

(thank you Sharon Birss for letting us share your pattern)


Knitted Wombat pattern

An intermediate level wombat knitting pattern in two sizes to make your own wisdom.

A Funky Friends Factory sewing pattern can be purchased and downloaded here.

Please respect the copyright conditions that allows you to sell in small numbers (including donating to us to sell) as long as it is tagged and attributed correctly to Funky Friends Factory.  This does not extend to sharing the pattern.

Crochet Wombat Pattern

This one is a super cute free pattern from I Crochet Things